Delivery of goods


1. Prices of items in e-mail in the store’s merchandise catalog is only valid when purchasing these items via e-mail. in the store. Product prices e-mail VAT is included in the store. Delivery prices are not included.
2. undertakes to deliver the goods ordered after payment, to the address indicated in your order.
3. When paying via electronic system, the goods are delivered within 3 (three) business days from the date of receipt of the confirmation from the bank. Or within the period specified in the product description.
4. The goods will be delivered by or our authorized representative (courier).
5. When you sign the consignment note, the shipment is considered to have been delivered (delivered) properly.
6. At the time of delivery, you must check with us or our authorized representative for the condition of the shipment. If you notice a violation of the parcel, you must unmark it in the consignment note and write the act of violation of the free form. When you sign the consignment note without comments, it is considered that the shipment has been handled neatly.