Hemorrhoids – its treatment is based on the regulation of blood flow and outflow disorders in the cavernous veins of the rectum, which is the cause of blood constipation in them.

It is affected by a sedentary lifestyle, constipation, inflammatory processes in the rectum and neighboring small pelvic organs.

Prolonged overcrowding of cavernous bodies causes their expansion and thinning of their walls and covering tissues, trauma with the formation of small cracks. As a consequence, bleeding occurs during defecation.

In addition, the occurrence of erosions and cracks in the lining tissues facilitates the entry of infections and the development of inflammatory processes against the background of hemorrhoidal tissue thrombosis.

Symptoms of the disease: in the case of uncomplicated haemorrhoids – itching, foreign body sensation in the rectum, red blood drop or stream at the end of the act of defecation, anemia.

Complications include severe pain, fever, swelling and hyperaemia around the anus, and defecation disorders. Hemorrhoids – a long-term course with periodic exacerbations.

Very often, patients with a delicate illness such as hemorrhoids suffer for years, engage in self-medication with a short-term effect, and consult a doctor only as a last resort, when they hear the verdict in response to their suffering – surgical treatment.
Sometimes you agree to this treatment, although after surgery you run the risk of meeting your old illness again in the future.

What does a leech do?

Leeches can help to completely eradicate the disease and at the same time improve health, rejuvenate the entire body of the patient. The intelligent leech is well aware that it is not the disease that needs to be treated, but the patient and adheres to this principle.

First of all, of course, the leech will free a person from suffering: from pain during defecation, from sitting, from hemorrhagic bleeding, from the inability to move humanly with two feet. Getting rid of these inconveniences is waiting for a person after 2-3 sessions, relief comes after the first session.

The leech then proceeds to prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoids. In addition, it finds biologically active spots on its own, injects a whole range of its mini-factory products along with saliva, and continues its work for human well-being.

The leech can eliminate venous stasis in the lower extremities, small pelvic organs, hepatic portal vein, destroy existing thrombi and prevent the formation of new thrombi, normalize blood circulation and intestinal function.

That is, it may help to normalize intestinal biocenosis, prevent constipation. Hirudotherapy